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april kepner appreciation week » day five: heartbreaking moment

↳ Sanctuary (6x23) / Death and All His Friends (6x24)

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I’m still getting the hang of it.

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"I can’t go. I can’t go home, I can’t get Izzie to call me back, she’s gone. Could be dead for all I know. She left me with a 200 thousand dollar medical bill and I- I can’t do anything about it. About any of it. But I can sit here and I can hold this baby, that I can do."

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You got me fired, Alex. This job was the one thing I had left. The one thing, and you took that away from me. You interfered and got me fired. I have forgiven you for a lot, Alex. I’ve had to forgive you for a lot, but I cannot forgive you for this.”

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I can’t do it.
Of course you can.

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Just… I can’t stop looking at her.

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I’m pretty sure they said fish hook, Chief Shepherd.

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So I guess that makes us even?

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Oh he didn’t tell you? Beth was at the hospital one day and she didn’t even know he wa- ouch!

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